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These official partners have already joined WARP. Will you?

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Looking to get in on WARP? There are many mutually-beneficial ways for your community to get in on the most hypeworthy Game project to hit multiple blockchains. 

Because WARP is dedicated to a fair launch, we are not distributing any WARP tokens in presales or to influencers when we launch on a new chain.

Through our unique whitelist contest website and custom NFT starships, we can offer your community access to something they will be proud of, a custom starship series made after your community or brand that they can use to travel the metaverse.

Cowboys of Crypto Starhammer

Axion Shuttle

Inferno Viper

Tomb.Finance Pearl

Polygon Javelin

QiDao Dragonfly

Beefy Viper

Godjira Javelin

Olympians Javelin

PolyDoge Javelin

Why partner with WARP?

Custom starships are lucrative commodities in the WARP metaverse, having a custom 1/1 starship created specifically after your brand and artwork makes them truly special, something for your community to be proud of!

The unique landing page (such as is pre-built to your brand and makes it easy for people to register for WARP whitelist, get access to the WARP community, and they can share their own personal referral links specific just to your users that increases their chance of winning your brand's custom starship.

We’re whitelist ready. Want to restrict winners to someone holding your NFT or within your token ecosystem? Provide us a snapshot of authrorized addresses and we will restrict winners to people whose addresses are verified to be a part of your community.

It’s totally free. We’re not charging anything for custom ships. A standard WARP starship costs $375 ($500 total if fully fueled) so what is a custom 1/1 starship made after your brand worth? Priceless. We’re giving away these powerful resources as a way to grow our community and stay true to our Fair Launch initiative.

It’s a win-win situation. You give your community a chance to get a lucrative bonus starship to help them jump into the WARP metaverse, and WARP grows as a project with access to your dedicated and passionate community. Each project prospers.

What does a WARP partnership look like?

Community Announcements

You will post about the WARP partnership on your discord, telegram, twitter during the campaign window. The more posts, the better!

WARP will also post about our partnership with your community! Including announcements, utility of your project, and more!

Website Partner Listing

You’ll be listed as a partner on our website with links to your community’s contest landing page. You'll have access to our branding and logo assets if you want to host your own partnership information.


Our team will be made available to have a WARP related townhall on your discord/telegram/twitter spaces. We’ll talk to your community about WARP, show off the custom starships, and invite them to ask questions and otherwise get involved.

Private team channel

As a WARP partner, you’ll have a private channel on our discord to chat with our team and coordinate between our communities

Team Starships

As a thanks for being a WARP partner, we’ll be able to allocate additional WARP starships to members of your team if you so desire. These starships will be non-transferable and non-sellable (unlike your other branded community starships) but it will enable your team to take advantage of the best parts of WARP at launch in your own custom starships.

And more?

Collaboration is the heart of any partnership. Have cool ideas? We’re all in. Talk with our team to figure out more opportunities we can cross-promote.

So what are you waiting for? The stars are calling…

Additional Partnership Information

Want more partnership opportunities?

Branded Space Stations

With multiple planets come opportunities to stake your brand’s claim in the WARP metaverse. Each new planet will require starships to be docked at the station in orbit around the new planet. When a user’s starship is docked at the station, the name of the station and the description of the station will be visible at all times.

Want a space station named after your community with links to your project? With a space station like Polygon Starport, QiDao Hub, WARP Station, etc. users will see your community or brand every time they’re docked. Have a brief writeup of your project available and use it as a new advertising method and way to reach a passionate audience.

Stations will cost DAI or WARP to advertise, so contact us if you’d like to know more.

NFT Utility Integration

Have an NFT project or NFTs within your ecosystem? Want to give your users access to functionality within the WARP metaverse? We can detect any NFT or NFT series and open up unique functionality within our ecosystem exclusive to your community.

Want speed boosts granted to starships? Changing the theme of our web3 app to your brand colors if the NFT is detected? A bonus to APY when staking WARP? It’s all possible. Give your users the biggest bonus but keep it exclusive to your NFT community to incentivize other WARP users to come to your token.

Chat with us about how we can work together. NFT Utility integration will have an associated cost for the dev time, so chat with our team to work something out.

Planet Naming

We can run a contest specific to your community to name the next WARP planet. Similar to Named Stations, this will give your community the opportunity to be the first ones to name a planet and have it be stored in the WARP history forever. Yes, Planet McPlanetface is on the table.

As planets are forever minted in the WARP history, payment of WARP/DAI may be required.


Want to bring our starships into your metaverse or token? We’re in the mood for lightspeed integration, building a collaborative universe where our starships (which all exist as 3D objects during rendering) can be exported as models and integrated into other platforms.

Paid Promotions

While we’re not giving out any WARP tokens to influencers, we’re happy to pay for your services as an influencer or promoter. Get in touch with our team to see how we can market our project through you.

And more?

The sky’s no longer the limit, we’re headed to the stars. Have another business or integration idea? We’re looking for as many collaboration opportunities as we can. Get in touch with the team to share your idea.

How to get started

  • Join our Discord
    Find us at
    and message callmejace#1545 or Deadpoet #2596

  • Email us
    Send us an email at
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Telegram
    Send a message to @callmejace or @Deadpoet08

We look forward to seeing you in the WARP metaverse. To lightspeed and beyond!

warp a new ohm fork featuring NFT bonds and buildable starships to travel through the staking metaverse

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